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St Christopher, can’t help liking him.

Cheeky, self-serving, solidly heterosexual and dimorphic in his assumptions, and such a stylist!

My only question for Hitch, is whether he would continue being so witty, if I were already sitting in his lap. Hope so, cause I can get off pretty damn quick.

x andrea


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Edgware Road is not the heart of the Muslim population in London. True enough, it is famous for its coffee-shop souq atmosphere. If one has, eg, Saudi or Emirates money, one might live north of Hyde Park.

Look further East, to Tower Hamlets for high concentrations of families with Bangladeshi-Muslim background.

Think Brick Lane, geographically, and novel. I need to take you on a cycle ride from Bethnal Green to Spitalfields, in this amazingly mixed area.

Regards, andrea, (east end gal)

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Here’s one atheist, tough-minder gender-rebel gal, who has no intention of submitting to the ideas or rule of misogynistic Islamofascism.

Looking for a source of inspirational, objective ethics & politics? Try classical liberal individualism, mixed with an admiration of the creativity, nurturing, eroticism and generosity of feminine ideals.

x andrea

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Dear Islamnz,

You rightly say the wrongful acts of a person who professes religion do not logically imply the religion is at fault.

Trouble is, as DEEMJE says, you make a logical error, in pretending there is an abstract system of beliefs (true Islam) which has no influence upon the wrong doing.

If enough mischief-makers quote the Quran as inspiration, then it begins to look suspicious. Eg, 9:29, used to justify either fighting unbelievers, or extracting the Jizya tax.

I’m afraid that a religious ideology that:

(i) despises our wonderful fertility and menstrual cycle (2:222)

(ii) restrict a woman’s freedom to choose her lovers and engage in erotic intimacy as she wishes (assuming consenting adults, of course)

(iii) impose a sentence of death by stoning for such an invented crime as adultery

is simply an obnoxious form of patriarchy.

My regards to you, but my complete contempt for Islamofacism,

x andrea

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Dear vladtepesblogdotcom,

Excellent, esp the analysis of the Canadian Kangaroo Commission’s slimy motives. Ie: avoid administrative resolution (an obnoxious concept) against well-armed defendants (Steyn et al) who would challenge it judicially, with a view to having the legislative basis of the CKC struck down.

Time to revisit the “Taylor” case. I want to hear that s13.1 HRA breaches the Charter right to freedom of expression. And no rubbish about “Oakes” justifiability.

Regards, andrea

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Actually, I’m rubbing my hands.

GW is a brave person, and tactically this is advantageous. Think Scopes Trial.

Sensible defenders of freedom of expression, and well-versed critics of Islamo-fascism will rally to GW’s defence.

No matter what diversions are deployed by proponents of The Islamic Ideology, fact is, psychotic hatred dribbles from the pages of the Quran.

Court cases make excellent platforms for exposing stupid laws.

If convicted, GW and the FP will appeal.

x andrea

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As Edmund Burke said of the French Revolution, we are dealing with an “armed doctrine”.

Islam seeks to subvert freedom of expression and liberal individualism. Oh, and it regards any form of democracy as Haram.

What should we do? Good question. What should supporters of Western democracy have done after Jan 30, 1933?

The fact that this sick, twisted, misogynistic, rapacious body of ideas has had a grip on human consciousness for approx 1400yr, shows we have a real problem.

x andrea

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