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Dear A&C, Brilliant vid.

You two throw off some really interesting and teasing and funny dynamics, some I’d not got my head fully round before.

Just who are those two trans people, into queer identity politics, who can (if you’re not paying attention) be understood as a het couple that look like they are a lesbian and a gay guy kissing each other….. 😉

Maybe they’re a publicly het couple, where both partners think the other one is straight, but neither of them really is.


If I flew over from London to SF Pride weekend (fat chance on my crappy salary), and was looking for smart insightful company [no doubt I’d be feeling a bit hazy and not knowing anyone] I’d get out my last dollars to buy you two a drink straight away. Czech Budweiser? Baileys on Ice?

Regards and ♥♥, andrea


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Never watched music like this before. I lead a sheltered life 😉 .

It’s rather hypnotic. People enacting dimorphic heteroexuality, who simultaneously take the piss out of het flirting, and show how heterosexuality can wind up the erotic to blow-torch intensity.

Enjoy, people who think of themselves as girls and boys, and like f*cking each other!!!!

♥♥ andrea

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Dear TheInfidelMosque,

Glad you liked my choice of favs. Thx for the sub 😉

Is this ThaiboxerAikido character for real, or just another wind-up merchant? It is almost impossible for a reasonable person to credit grown-ups with serious belief in this misogynistic, Islamo-fascist drivel.

But then again…. if you hate everything feminine, hate freedom of expression, despise our beautiful, sensuous selves and our bodies and our ability to love each other….you can end up a twisted, angry person.

I went to my local post-office this morning, wearing not much beyond my sports bra and tight bottoms. It’s sunny in east London. Got a depressingly shirty question from one of my XX sisters, dressed head-to-foot in black behind the counter. S/he asked, “What happened to your top?” I replied with the obvious point, “Its hot”. How can another XX person be co-opted to this anti-feminine nonsense? An urgent problem.

There is probably (I say, probably, being a good empiricist and falsificationist) a connection between the Shame mentality of Islam, the violence of Islamic terrorists, and the demotion of me (indeed of all XX people) and the femininity we symbolise into second rate trash. Whilst pretending, of course, to put us on a pedestal of purity. The usual Abrahamic “whore or Madonna” syndrome.

One reason ThaiCardboardboxforbrains and the like rant on about Sharia law, is because their neurotic thirst for control of themselves and others, means they want absolute unchanging certainty in social relations. Much as they thirst for absolute, unchanging certainty through knowledge of the Abrahamic god-thing.

I have some apt quotes from an insightful recent article entitled “Islamic Terror and Sexual Mutilation” in Frontpage Magazine February 13, 2009.  Now, the authors may well believe in the objective reality of sex and gender dimorphism. I do not. But it is a sure bet that Islamo-fascist XY people believe in it, with avengeance.

“….. The Palestinians, along with the majority of Arab males, belong to what has been called a Shame culture, in that they are quick to feel humiliated, and equally quick to defend against the sense of insult – usually by gross denial of their shameful condition, by projection of the humiliated condition onto others, or by massive retaliation against the insulting party……”

“….. Psychologically speaking, torture and mutilation followed by murder as practiced most recently in Mumbai are the most complex of the shame-dispelling procedures, in that they expunge shame at the cost of incurring guilt. Even the most hardened terrorist will likely feel some qualms of guilt as he mutilates the body of a still living young woman. But for the members of a Shame culture, the feeling of humiliation is the most traumatic, and heavy prices are willingly paid to be rid of it. The aim of torture is to reveal the cowardice and femininity of the foe, and in so doing to export the torturers hidden shames onto the enemy, while co-opting his store of courage and hardihood – the masculinity – that he has given up, screamed away, under the knife. ……”

“….. The enemys terror, castration and invaginated wounds confirm the torturers successful projection of his own covert and shameful womanliness and/or homosexuality: ‘Clearly, he and not me, is actually the woman.’ In the murder which – as in Mumbai – follows this projection, the Jihadist kills off the qualities that he despises, now conveniently discovered in the person of the other: ‘ This coward deserves nothing but death.’ …..”

“….. the tribal/collective mentality which engages in the unspoken forms of sexualized child abuse (this includes the anal rape of both male and female children), can and does lead to adult paranoia, imagined “slights,” savage scapegoating, the practice of human sacrifice and in the need for perpetual revenge to cleanse the real and imagined shame…….. these are behaviors that Arabs and Muslims engage in towards their own families and peoples. We need to understand how such normatively pathological groups then cleanse themselves of dishonor differently by attacking infidel groups, especially infidel women……”

“… I think Dr. Gutmann’s discussion of the Jew as woman is very good as is his understanding that the infidel must first be feminized, by means of torture in order for the terrorist’s shame to be cleansed……”

“…Their rage is against their internal mothers, which they project out and into their unwitting victims. The body parts are a symbolic representation of an unintegrated picture of their mothers, part objects of her body left over from very early childhood. They feel persecuted by her because they are not permitted to separate and they are treated as objects by their mothers because of the female’s devalued status. Oddly mutilation is their attempt to seek intimacy. …”

Sinister, perhaps strongly put, but persuasive.

In summary, I suggest, brainwashed XY people running the Islamo-fascist ideology in their minds cannot live with people who properly integrate the feminine, love, co-operation, erotic intimacy, dynamic intellectual creativity, political status, generosity, and life-enhancing playfulness. They don’t even like music 😉

Love ♥♥♥, andrea

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“My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love, but my mind holds the key. I’m living in an age that calls darkness light. Though my language is dead, still the shapes fill my head”.

Dazzling outcry against alienation from each other. An unquenchable yearning to communicate, touch and love.

I’m looking at my housemate sitting on my bed talking about cleaning crappy light fittings. S/he is asking why tears are pouring down my cheeks. Look at this, I say.

♥ andrea

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Sometimes the music reveals its best power when it s loud. Let’s pump up the volume!  Such a deep and curvy bassline , i also appeciate the discret guitar ;and the clip…: i want to be employed right now in this company..!


Dear TMO (is that TheMediaObserver or The ModusOperandi?)

Your are spot on regarding that wicked, fast plucked guitar sound. Esp 0:56 to 1:06, the same section where we first see the office XY flunky and the hot-to-trot XX Italian launch into the “lift-fantasy” of limitless erotic encounter with each other. Sometimes the storyboard reads like a satire of the XY’s fantasies, since beauty seems to dance and press upon her-him. But I presume both parties want to tear off each other’s clothes.

And it isn’t the trolley-person’s gender that is being teased; rather it is a sense of overwhelmed delight when deluged by the erotic. Our hands tremble helplessly, when the transcendental erotic intersects with reality.

I wish I had a desk lamp that flashed my aching desire to fuck someone in the office, and that I dressed as well as the Roman. I wouldn’t wait for the lift though. In the language of heterosexuality, (a vocabulary I don’t always disdain) I would just say, “I want you inside me on the desk now, never mind the drips of sweat or other fluids on the paper work. If I opened my legs would you turn your key?”

What does this outfit manufacture? Coloured light bulbs, desk fans and office stationary? Obviously not air-conditioners. Looks like they are hoping for a big breakthrough with the latest offering discussed in the marketing meeting. Just how large a slice of consumers will get their teeth into the product? And they recruit from a very young demographic. From the top suits, to the thrusting executives, to the trolley pushers, everyone looks 18-25 🙂 .

In general, Uniting Nations put out cracking vids, combining an explosive, life-enhancing erotic volume turned full-on, with ironic contexts, such as (i) domestic moments where you must do it yourself, (ii) rigged games of strip poker where one is out of touch with control centres or ones lovers, (iii) extreme realms of the senses and athletic exhibition, where we should all be, or (iv) erotic anarchy in humdrum offices.

Imagine this operatic power and lightning-fast editing put in the service of the revolutionary overthrow of sex and gender dimorphism, and the unleashing of radical-trans identity-dynamics. In other words, Athens Boys Choir with these production standards, played to an audience of 100millions. Hmmmmm…….yes please.

Regards and ♥, andrea

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Dear FC, I am …. speechless.

If someone had continued making love with me, aware that I was uncomfortable with it, that I was, probably, too spaced out to stop it right there, and then left a half-apologetic note admitting as much, without having the maturity to stay and discuss it. Well, I would SCREAM MY F*CKING head off every time I thought of it – anger; disgust; outrage; punishing them for doing it, myself for getting into the situation, for not being strong enough to stop it; ….

…..trashing my faith in my judgment; hating the degrading of erotic intimacy; wondering if I could share myself with someone again as deeply as before; etc, etc.

Yet you analyse it, on reflection, with such balance and self-awareness and perspective. You don’t excuse, but you acknowledge the games one plays, the mechanisms of self-recrimination and of explanation seeking.

The world is such a shitty, unappreciative place. How could another person know you, FC, and not want almost to worship your lovely integrity and humanity? “Almost”, of course, because idealisation and veneration, even on the purely human level, are dangerous pastimes 😉

I don’t know how to do justice to your bravery, honesty and resilience. You are a very fine person.

I hope you’ve got several people good enough to deserve your friendship and love.

Regards and ♥♥, andrea

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Top marks TXHalabi, you put your finger on the core of the paranoid, Islamofascist mind-set:

(i) alternate beliefs cannot be entertained, even hypothetically. Anyone who does not convert has to symbolically admit the superiority of Islam by paying the Jizya tax. This is typical paranoid absolutism. Those who disagree have to be forced into a position of admitting they are insincere and hypocritical.

(ii) if you don’t convert or submit, you will be destroyed.

Ah, such a sweet picture of balanced, secure, loving, adult thinking.

When tolerant, liberal minds assert that not all persons professing Islam exhibit this paranoid mentality, I ask on what evidence they base their claim? Do they know followers of the “fascist faith” who would specifically deny the literal truth of a verse from the Quran? That I would like to see 😉

To follow Islam is to allow this fascist thought system to influence your feelings and actions.

For instance, will I admit that Islam is a direct motivation for terrorists, or will I perform some mental gymnastics to assert, implausibly, that somehow such terrorists are not following the real Islam?

But once you deny reality to defend your own belief system, you’re already in the grip of the paranoid mind virus.

I earnestly suggest Islamic Faith schools teaching this repulsive book are shut down, on the basis that they are engaged in child-abuse.

Regards and ♥, andrea

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