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Whigfield and her art directors know quite a lot. This vid is full of images from Edward Hopper. For instance, when s/he reads the book in her room 0:25-0:31, this is Hopper’s “Hotel Room” [1931]. When s/he awakes and looks at the sun through the window 0:45-0:55, it is “Morning Sun” [1952].

The mixture of yearning and disappointment echoes Hopper’s sense of urban alienation, and the modern aesthetic of transient, half-understood union between lovers.


Regards and ♥, andrea


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Dear gOdip

Since when did AW do such a good impression of a NY Jewish-Atheist mother, concerned about her/his wayward daughter NOT getting a job on Madison Ave?

I just, you know, hate it when art critics confuse autobiography with objective (that’s with a big O) criticism 😉

Once again, my house mate Eliza Doolittle is asking me to stop laughing – “Are you going out to hear The Firebird at the Proms this evening? Yeah? Good, cause then I can get some peace.”

Talk about not being appreciated 😉

This vid is yet another “laugh every 5sec” job.

Love u, love your work, ♥♥ andrea

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Dear Rebecca on behalf of Dangeloo,

At 6:59-7:08:

“This guy he have a madness. He have something wrong in his brain. So allah right away he send a verse to him, because you know allah he work for Mooooooohamhead.”

Ha, ha, ha, I am wetting my pants. This is exactly right. The Abrahamic god-thing is merely the projection of the super ego into external reality. But, sadly, these Faith Zombies can’t see it, so powerful is the mind virus running around in their skulls. Perhaps that’s why cute dogs are Haram in this ridiculous Islamic Ideology.

Being shrewd and sensitive creatures, they are able to detect monotheistic crazies, and start barking at them. Not very handy, when it comes to all that grovelling on the ground at prayer time, mumbling verses from the Book of Hate (aka The Quran).

How can one concentrate on mumbling, amidst a chorus of wailing doggies?


Regards and ♥, andrea

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“I actually signed a legal document saying I would never reveal my real voice again”

Ha, ha, ha, I’m going to use that one straight away, and of course take every opportunity to mention this vid as the source. Honest, and I’ll use the full range of my voice when handing out the praise. Before I have to get back on stage at the ROH tonight. Singing, you guessed it, the part of Prince Orlofsky, in “Chacun à son goût”

Fab. More, more, SVP.

Love it, andrea ♥♥

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Dear bikinatol,

Good post. You write funny sidebar comments. BTW, where did you get that taste for kitsch Russ Meyer films 😉

Anyhow, here’s some more moralising. This vid nicely captures [and of course so does Ken Clarke 😉 ] the truth about our human condition. This is a materialist world. We must struggle to understand and improve it. There are no alternate realms. We can create soaring, aspiring cities teaming with life. But, as Walton’s edgy music from the 30s symbolizes, we can descend into bestiality, leave continents in ruins, strewn with millions of corpses.

Our life as social creatures creates and shapes what is right and wrong, much as energy-matter creates and then alters the geometry of space-time. We may choose to act in accordance with the truths of this created-but-objective morality. Neither projections of our psyche onto the external world, nor fantasies of divine authority can give us an escape route from facing mortal questions (to borrow Tom Nagel’s book title).

It is our option to act guided by love, co-operation and hope and creativity. Or to become like timetable planners and engine drivers, for cattle trains to the gates of Auschwitz. If we choose, we can pervert our technical prowess, for the design of weapons of horror, and incinerate this magnificent planet and ourselves.

Bikini Atol, or Love and Feminine Times? Which shall it be? Answers in less than 5000 words, SVP 🙂

Regards, andrea ♥

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i agree there’s a lot of historical fact in it and it speaks highly of the personality of prophet Muhammad (pbuh). but where did she got this secret affair thing between aisha (r.a) and safwan mu’attal? and that aisha kissed him??!!! mother of the believers who deeply in love with her husband that she could stare him for hours watching his sweat glistening thru the sun and then recite a love poem to him shortly after just to portray that moment??!!

This book is very dangerous because it is trying to make sense of a history through modern, hollywood-styled mentality. i view this book as an anti-muslim effort of demonizing Islam thru a slow, sleazy, poisoning way.. as if the devil himself inspired it.


Which is fine that is your opinion. I on the other hand would like to read it. there is no such thing as a “bad” book, it is how one reacts that gives a book it’s power. Mein Kampf is really quite infantile, but look what happened when it came with all the bells and gongs with it? I would suggest there re alot more books out there that are more dangerous than a novel.


epoxsam, I see it another way… the devil himself inspired Islam, and this books starts to expose it 🙂


What freedom of speech? this novel is a fiction version of a history. the depiction of aisha (r.a) was perverted with hollywood style mind-set. and bulding bridges between Islam and the west by re-inventing innocent and pure history through sleazy novel is a SCANDAL!!


Dear epoxsam,

What arguments do you have to justify the claim that it is “very dangerous” to “demonise Islam”? In what way could it be dangerous to crticise a thought system, unless you mean that the fanatical adherents of this ideology will get annoyed at the slightest criticism, and thereby leap at the pretext to:

(i) demand restrictions on freedom of expression,

(ii) scream for ever more repressive control of XX people

(iii) shout for the execution of non-heterosexual and polyamourous people

(iv) cut people’s throats, especially film makers who reveal the patriarchal sexual sadism within Islam

(iv) fly planes into skyscrapers and set off explosives on public transport,

and in general do all that is possible to threaten liberal individualism, whilst demanding liberal tolerance so as to propagate the same fascistic Islamic Ideology. A cunning tactic, but very unattractive.

It would be dangerous not to ridicule Islam by every means possible. Basically, the world has suffered enough from the tyranny of patriarchal Abrahamic monotheism. It is time for an atheist, feminist, erotic-positive and scientific-minded world, based on love and creativity.


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