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Dear ABBA-channel,

Sometimes you come to the classics and realise why they are so good.

Now, only fools believe in the merits of monogamy. But one may still seek the sense of security and dedication built when you are lovers, and the yearning for that always to continue. These lyrics are so heartfelt:

“I was in your arms, thinking I belonged there. I figured it made sense, building me a fence. Building me a home, thinking I’d be strong there. But I was a fool, playing by the rules….”

It isn’t really about erotic and affectional rivalry. It isn’t that I, for instance, regret my lovers being able to kiss others. Far from it, one takes pleasure in their happiness with other people. It is that my heart breaks whenever I realise that love cannot last forever. Believing it can is the illusory rule written in the soul of every romantic, including me :-/

Regards and ♥, andrea


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Dear TruhtofIslam, I note that your profile says “I DO NOT DEBATE. I am pro dialogue”. A fine distinction 🙂 . May I respond to your vid?

First, the Hadith are perfectly clear on Aisha’s age, in unambiguous language. Bukhari Vol 5, Book 58, No 236 states:

“Narrated Hisham’s father:

Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old.”

Second, whilst I am entirely happy to construe the whole of the Islamic Ideology as wild and unattractive fiction and not the literal truth, you would not be so comfortable with this escape route.

Third, it is irrational on your part to treat some passages as imaginative or figurative, and others as true at face value. You might say a particular Hadith is merely poetic. But I might say whole passages of the Quran are merely poetic. What you need are reasons for reclassifying some and not other claims that appear to be factual as more properly understood as factually wrong, or merely metaphorical.

I need hardly make the point that biographical claims about the acts of a 7th Century warlord, especially a claim as particular as that BigMo had sexual relations with a child aged 9, have a lot more intelligibility and plausibility than so-called religious truths, which make nonsensical claims about the existence of metaphysical beings, or the possibility of humans being messengers of such weird entities.

Fourthly, and perhaps most weighty, the Hadith are widely accepted as authoritative, and as highly favourable to what I call the Islamic Ideology. Suppose your arguments are both correct and obvious. Then you must answer why devout followers of the Islamic Ideology do not generally disown this claim in the Hadith.

Moreover, if you rightly find highly repulsive the idea of a person aged mid-50s being erotically intimate with a 9-year-old child, then how do you explain the claim being so readily generated and accepted within mainstream Islamic thought to begin with? The willingness even to entertain such an idea is repellent, and says a lot about the morality of those who could do so.

Fifthly, I notice one of your co-religionists, Shaykh Yusuf Estes, in /watch?v=t2bmq-7GxgI, takes a typical alternative exit route, inviting us first to consider the very patriarchal customs of 7th Century Arabia, whereby XX-SNC people (aka girls and women) were regarded as property within marriage, and as second-class citizens, often killed at birth. Prof Estes then refers us to Sura 4:19. The Prof claims Islam is so enlightened that it prohibits marriage without the XX-SNC person’s consent.

True enough. However, the Prof engages in a slight of hand, by adding two riders that are nowhere in 4:19, viz that an XX-SNC person (i) must be old enough to give reasonable consent, and (ii) must be old enough to have children. Only by this invented gloss does the Prof try to claim that Aisha must at least have become fully sexually mature before BigMo had sexual relations with her. Of course, one can still rape a person who is sexually mature (it happens all the time).

Nowhere do I see the required concept of “reasonable consent” in 4:19. It is a typical delusion of sexual abusers that victims “really want” to be intimate with them. Progressive jurisdictions set the age of consent at 16 to 18 to prevent this illusion from having any basis, and to rule out cases where a young person psychologically does consent, but does so without sufficiently comprehending the meaning of erotic intimacy, or without the experience and strength of character of an adult.

Sixthly, I also notice that the infallible word of BigMo in 4:19 contains the inevitable patriarchal and misogynistic excuse, that these safeguards are cancelled if an XX-SNC person is “guilty of flagrant lewdness”. So, if I am erotically explicit in my behaviour, or if I like making love with lots of different people [both are true in my case 🙂 ], then I can be raped according to the Islamic Ideology? Is that right?

What, I politely ask, is your response to these six points?

Regards, andrea

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When you watch this little masterpiece of music vid, you can see why lots of people believe in sex-and-gender dimorphism, and heterosexuality 😉

When CA holds that pant-dropping high E for approx 10sec, 2:35-2:45, and there is one cut to the next across her different sassy personae, this is the cutest abandonment and transition through sustain erotic delight that I have heard for a long time.

I’ll have to find some Candy-XX-SNC-person who makes me sing like that.


♥ andrea

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Mark Stein’s humorous analysis is right on the money regarding the toxic mixture of emotionally immature and furious XY-SNC people (aka young males) and the Islamic Ideology they imbibe – a misogynistic, fascist cult of hatred and domination.

Vide 5:55 to 7:50:

“Even if you live in beautiful parts of the world with no crime, you know the little crime there is generally caused by fellows in their late teens and early twenties. If your preside over a nation, or even a pseudo nation like Palestine, of teenage boys, what sense are you going to get out of them. You can’t send Jim Baker in to a population of 15yr old punks, because they don’t look at the world Jim Baker does….

…..If you don’t address the demography, you don’t really understand what’s going on….

…. those guys from Yemen and Pakistan and Gaza, they are moving to Western Nations, to European Nations …. those millions and millions of anonymous young men, guys raised in a death cult, guys raised in Pakistani Madrasas, going to Europe, and discovering that though they live there …. he sees himself as being a plumber to advance his other interests….

…. A significant proportion of those people, their pan-Islamist identity is their core identity, it spreads across borders with ease. It has a greater pull on them than the passports they nominally carry in their pockets. They think of themselves as Islamic, rather than as Belgian or Dutch or Canadian.”

Regards and ♥, andrea

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Dear hanni9000,

Amusing 🙂

Yep, BigMo the child rapist just wants to tell all 9yr olds how much he’s “never gonna give you up, never gonna tell you a lie, never gonna hurt you.”

Please keep teasing the Followers of the “Ideology of Clerical Fascism, Misogyny and Molestation”, because ridicule seems the only way to inject the irony in which all these Bearded Bores seem so deficient.

A new equation for the Advancement of Human Learning:

Islam = ICFMM

Regards and ♥, andrea

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i havent said anything bad about christianity sense i commented on this
and trust me…THERE IS A LOT I CAN SAY
but im not like you im not going to make fun of a religion, that i don’t follow.
being a muslim I’m 100% SURE you no nothing about islam
“christianity is the only way to heaven”
wait don’t you believe that christ died for all are sins?
YEAH you do
so i guess everyone, good or bad, will b in heaven


Dear angelna0858,

I hold no brief for any religion, especially the nasty patriarchal brand known as Abrahamic monotheism. Though hideous honour killing of my sisters plainly occurs frequently in Islamic communities, this particular vid has hints of a transparent put-up job by Xtian propagandists. Surely at 0:34 s/he should say, “My blood is now haram”?

But, you couldn’t be more wrong. In a world that is libertarian, individualist, feminist, scientifically enlightened, and atheist (ie the modern world), we are all under a duty to ridicule religious beliefs. Why? Because they are superstitious and irrational, full of hatred of those who do not subscribe to the unfounded diktats of their particular creed.

Islam is the textbook example. The fact that you say religion should not be questioned shows that you are in the grip of a mind virus that is tenacious in preventing rational scrutiny. In effect you say that your religion cannot be criticised by those who do not understand it; and that if one understands Islam, one must agree that it is beyond criticism. The Catch-22 implication is that Islam is unfalsifiable, which is automatically unacceptable. Hence at least some parts of Islam must be false.

How about this part, for starters? The notorious Sura 9:029 in the handbook of your credo states as follows. I have inserted letters to make the logic more transparent. It is the standard Pickthal translation:

“Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as

(a) believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and (b) forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and (c) follow not the Religion of Truth,

until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.”

Thus a proposition from your creed, which you cannot question because it is supposedly the infallible word of some supreme masculine god-thing (I mean how ridiculous can you get?) commands you to:

– fight everyone who does not share your beliefs OR
– make non-believers pay a tax to demonstrate their subservient status OR
– convert everyone to your beliefs

In a nutshell, this is conquistadorial, clerical fascism.

What is your reply? Perhaps you don’t really take the Quran at face value? That I would like to hear you state :-).

In truth, what I invite you to do is study the psychology of the person writing such a command. The mentality of the quasi-mythical figure called Mohammed seems very paranoid-schizoid. BigMo constantly writes as if not recognising that some domain of his-her mind is inventing superhuman figures, into whose mouth the most vicious, self-aggrandising pronouncements are put.

Then ask yourself why you have adopted such a mindset? In other words, why do you live by a code that is morally disgusting to anyone who loves life and liberty, a code that demands the subjugation of everyone who disagrees with you, especially XX-SNC people like me?

We are at our most human and communicate at the highest level when we are lovers. Yet, as I walk around Stratford and Waltham Forest, I rarely see the couples that devoutly parade their Muslim faith also showing each other gentle affection by kissing, holding hands and laughing with each other. If the practice of a doctrine prevents people from engaging in intuitive and life-enhancing intimacy, then that doctrine is antagonistic and anti-human.

Contrasts are useful. Try watching and understanding a grown-up person who sings of love and melanchology and the sophisticated truths of the human heart. A French XX-SNC person, whose music I adore.

(i) Ma plus Belle Histoire d’Amour c’est Vous


(ii) Si la photo est bonne


Regards, andrea

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Catchy tune eerily done, deep and sometimes disturbing lyrics and visuals that feel hauntingly familiar. I think your song is great and would be a wonderful entro to a well done horror flick (like the Exorcist I or III – they were the good ones.)
Hollywood needs to find you.


Thanks! I think the Shining was literally the only decent


very weird, i usually avoid this kind of trippy indie stuff, but i can’t help but love this. well done.


I actually tend to dislike most trippy indie stuff too, believe it or not (occasionally you’ll find something great withing that sort of music). I have been experimenting with video as it relates to music, and due to my skill level at this point, trippy stuff is all I can manage. Stay tuned because I will be learning more and thus able to do more. My stuff is probably always going to be spooky, but it will get more interesting as I learn more.


Dear gOdip,

Wow vid.

Alien IS on your list of non-phoney.

The crew nestling asleep on the Nostromo, traversing limitless, friendless space.

The air-con blowing the pages of the manual on the flight deck as if some presence haunted the craft while they slept.

The warning beacon from a long dead other-life form that seems vastly different from humanity, but with enough common feeling to wish to protect others from the same fate.

The acid for blood that’s so corrosive it might eats its way to the ship’s outside. Crikey, what must the creature be like if that’s what its blood does?

The super-smart ship’s computer that can’t calculate the chances of survival.

Ash gushing android lubricant after decapitation and before pronouncing their doom.

The clanking chains with dripping water, in the towering vertical of the hold where Parker looks for supplies.

……. An endless flight of dazzling imagination and phantasmagoria.

Now, dear gOdip, please train-up those technical skills, so that soon your name is synonymous with labyrinthine tension glossed with the extremity of love and eroticism. The Guillermo del Toro of 2015 yoh 🙂

Regards and ♥, andrea

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