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6:50 – 7:20 “For it solicits a certain multilateral symmetry of uniform parallelism. Yet it surrenders to an unascertained precariousness of ungoverned fragility. And this sympathetic amalgamation I find most harmonious indeed.”

Priceless. I think I shall have some new Escort Gal cards printed with these very bon mots, extolling the virtues of the dialectical unity of the concept of humanity, viz my pleasure and profession in dating XX and XY couples.

♥ andrea


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Dear majesstic786,

I don’t like this. In its condescending and patronising manner, this video encapsulates the Islamic Ideology’s patriarchal contempt for Divine Feminine principles.

The message pushed is “be yourself, be strong enough to ignore expectations”. Fine words indeed to any independent minded person.

However, the implied consequence is that I should be happy to accept wearing the bin-liner; and hiding myself under a costume of shame; and be thankful that my beautiful sensuous erotic person is invisible to everyone – except of course, to some patriarchal XY-SNC person, who just happens to claim ownership of my person and control of my behaviour.

So, the expectations to be ignored are those of individualism and freedom of choice in love and affection, and each persons uniqueness. The expectations to be accepted are that one should grovel in sycophantic admiration for that child-molester called BigMo; and worship the delusional nonsense called allah-the-god-thing; and accept ones life as constantly managed by jealous and infantile XY people.

I don’t think so. We are sensuous, social creatures, constantly advertising our erotic selves to each other. There are no gods. We have only the beauty of ourselves, and feminine principles such as truthfulness, trust, love and cooperation, and our capacity to create new life – these are the things I admire.

Regards, andrea

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