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Abrahamic monotheists tar everyone with the same intellectual limitations.

I have no problem asserting that large elements of my “cultural inheritance” contain repellent strains of Clerical and Secular Fascism.

A follower of the Paedo Prophet must show enough independence of thought to be self-critical about her history.

Can’t do it? Well that’s suggestive of a fascistic “group-think” mentality.

Of course, clerics love to benefit from propaganda about group identity.

♥ andrea


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Ha, ha, look at the way MTT is biting her lip at 0:25, thinking, “F*ck-me, I’m trying hard not to look pissed-off. Take my chirpy smiles of a few seconds earlier at face value. You know we are all on camera here, but fortunately most people do not have the score in front of them.”

This is priceless musical and visual comedy.

Anyhow, brilliant musicians. I went to this concert, sitting on the rail, up in in the balcony. Excellent.

Regards and ♥, andrea

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